Diary of Louise Fillmore Blancaflor

August 4, 1942

Yesterday while writing to you, Maring (Melecia’s daughter) came upstairs from the garden and said there were some Japanese coming up the driveway. I looked out and sure enough, they had left their car on the roadside and were walking up toward the house. There were four of them – two soldiers with guns, one officer and an interpreter (a former employee of the Fuji Bazaar). We were all a bit nervous as we did not know whether they would search the house, or if they were after me. Maring and I met them downstairs as they stood in the yard talking to the gardener. We asked them to come upstairs and the interpreter said they were taking a census. Fortunately, I had my pass to show them. Everything was okay and they left after 1⁄2 hour.