Diary of Albert E. Holland

November 14, 1944

Nov. 14th

Raids all day – this is fine – It is interesting to note that we have no deaths on air-raid days – Perhaps they help in the struggle for survival – The air-raid alarm was on from 7:38 to 6:50– 11 hours – we’ll sleep well tonight –

I am reading the Beard’s “Rise of American Civilization.” While I agree with Justice Holmes that the economic interpretation of history can be carried too far, I feel that the Beards make their point 9 times out of ten – It would be interesting to do for the whole world what Meyer did for America in his “Great American Fortunes” (or some such title). Ouvrard, Rothschild, Bardi, Peruzi, Medici, Fugger – They made history just as much as the kings and politicians –

I used to be bitter about great fortunes – à la Nation & New Republic – but now I see that if self-interest & general interest combine (and they can combine) there is no ill effect.


But there are some who have no interest in great wealth but who want to help others – These are the dreamers – They should be secured from exploitation by the first group their & works kept for The nation or the world.

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