About Manuel Rojo

About Manuel Rojo:

Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio y Vieyra, from the Apostolic Succession website:

Date Age Event Title
24 Sep 1708 Born Tula, México
19 Dec 1757 49.2 Appointed Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
24 Aug 1758 49.9 Ordained Bishop Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
22 Jul 1759 50.8 Installed Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
30 Jan 1764 55.3 Died Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
MicroData Summary for Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio Lafuente y Veiyra:
Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio Lafuente y Veiyra (born , died ) Archbishop of Manila
  • a bishop for 5.4 years
Episcopal Lineage / Apostolic Succession:


About the Diary:

Published as “Rojo’s Journal: Journal of what occurred at the attack and defense of the City of Manila, the capital of Philipinas Islands, and of the archipelago of San Lazaro, from September 22 to October 5, 1762, the day on which it was taken by assault by Brigadier Guillermo Drapert, commander-in-chief of the British troops of the East Indias,” in Blair & Robertson, The Philippine Islands: 1493 – 1898, Vol. 49, pp. 104-131.