About George C. Brundrett

About the author: Captain George C. Brundrett (June 25, 1911 — July 4, 1945). Born in Texas. Texas A&M ’33. Find A Grave contains the following information:

Capt. George Brundrett was held as a POW in the Philippine Islands. In December 1944, he was boarded onto the Oryoku Maru for transport to Japan. The ship was sunk by American planes at Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, on December 15, 1944. The surviving POWs were boarded onto the Enoura Maru which reached Takao, Formosa. While docked it was bombed by American planes on January 9, 1945, killing many of the POWs. The surviving POWs were boarded onto the Brazil Maru and reached Japan on January 29, 1945. Brundrett was taken to Fukuoka #1 where he died.

About the diary: Diary covers incarceration as a P.O.W. including time at DAPECOL (Davao Penal Colony) to transfer to Cabanatuan. Included in the Philippine Diary Project through the kind assistance of Robert Hudson who originally posted the diary in his BataanSon PhotoBucket account. It is composed of twelve pages, typed. The first entry is dated October 4, 1943, and the last entry is dated October 8, 1944. However, the cover of the file itself states the diary covers the period “Aug. 1942 — Oct. 1943,” with the source being “Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Camp.”