Monday Jan. 22nd 1900

Last Wednesday I was on guard and at night Sharp & I were out on Patrol and caught a nigger, within 20 feet of us, mounted on a good pony, with a Remington Rifle, Chamber open, in one hand and a cartridge in the other. Next morning he told a pretty story about going to Porac to see his wife and carrying his gun “for protection” and Capt. Griffith turned him loose. I have the cartridge that I believe he meant to shoot one of us with. He had about 40 more in a field glass case. I was on guard again last night. The boys are getting beer and whiskey both on “somewhere” and some of them are rolling pretty high, now.

Jan. 17th 1900

Guard-Monday. Yesterday P.M. 9 of us went out in a little jaunt & searched a few houses. Monday 3 gangs were out, leaving only the guard here part of the time. Lieut Ballards crowd ran into a bunch of niggers and got a few shots at them. A few of the boys are out this P.M.

Jan. 4th 1900

Monday Tuesday morning I went on guard but was relieved and we (Co K) left San Fernando, the first batallion platoon going to Bacalor [Bacolor] and the second comeing here to Santa Rita. We relieved two companies of the third inf. Yesterday I spent in getting acquainted with the town & today am not doing anything. Half a dozen of our boys at Bacolor got into trouble over some natives and are under arrest.

Nov. 1st 1899

We were taken ashore early this A.M. Each man carried rolls, arms, 100 rounds of ammunition and (supposedly) two days rations. In Manilla we were loaded into little 31- man cars and started North. We ate dinner at Caloocan, passed through Malolos [?]an San Fernando and got to Angeles just before sundown. We went into camp in dogtents. The 17th is camped about 1/4 of a mile away but the boys are on outpost today and wont come in till 7 tomorrow morning. This town is on the advanced line with “Soogro” outposts within half a mile.

Monday Oct. 30th 1899

We anchored in Manilla Bay about midnight last night. The bay is full of boats of all kinds and sizes. Those nearest us are four other transports, Am. Cruiser “Baltimore” English Cruiser “Drexel” a chinese and an Indian trader. The natives are coming alongside in boats with fruit cigars etc for sale. I pulled up stuff for one for a while this P.M. and got all the fruit I could eat. The “Kansas City” took off a load of stuff, largely ammunition today.