18 November 1944

GQ 2350 — secured at 0045 GQ 0200 — secured at 0515 GQ 0700 — secured at 0845 Four Jap planes shot down, one crashed into stern of a Liberty ship. One US P-47 shot down by our own guns. Two more GQs during the afternoon – one Jap plane down. Another GQ about 1620. 1630 Underway from Leyte, PI for Hollandia, DNG in convoy with 9 ships and four DDs. During 31 days stay in Leyte we had 158 GQs and subjected to 85 Jap air attacks.

14 November 1944

Large convoy arrived with 24,000 troops, unloaded and departed in the evening. The Jap “Vals” flew overhead during arrival of convoy, one shot down and crashed into the water narrowly missing an APA. Two GQs today.

13 November 1944

Quiet during the day. Two very large Jap torpedoes were brought aboard this afternoon for inspection. Had been found unexploded on the beach. They were 29’6″ long X 24″ dia. Were later transferred for shipment to Washington, DC. GQ at 2310 — secured at 0018, then again at 0030 securing at 0130.

12 November 1944

Two long GQs early this morning. Six Jap planes shot down. One Jap plane dropped a bomb on a LST and then suicide dived onto a troop loaded Liberty ship going through #3 hold killing close to 200 soldiers and seriously wounding many others. Five of the casualties were brought aboard the APA44. Three of them went “Nuts”. The ship burned for about four hours.

11 November 1944

Three long GQs last night. Navy bombers sunk 6 Jap APAs, 2 DDs and 2 DEs plus several small craft off west coast of Leyte Island in Ormar [Ormoc] Bay. Two GQs today, one about 3 hours. One month today since receiving our last mail