16 May 1942

Stomach upset today. Hope it is not the start of something. Rumors also upset with orders to repair buildings for rainy season. Profiteering checked a little — Cigarettes down to ₱1 jar pk & chow profits limited to 100% instead of prices like ₱15 for a 50 Centavo bar of Candy. Saw a can of milk being sold for ₱10. Nice & Cool today. Had 1/4 can of Sardines Miles.

May 2, 1942

Getting rattled a bit. Three meals of rice –1st with sugar, second with squash, 3rd with comotes– plenty to eat but we need proteins & vitamins, quite a bit of sickness in camp — Diahhrea, Dysentery, Malaria etc & little medecine of any sort. Back still very painful.

May 1, 1942

Taken by truck to San Fernando & there stripped of razor, small knife, silver pencil, flash light, cigarette case, Compass, etc whistle & letters from Helen. Had plenty of rice, opened the can of tomato soup — Spent the night & at 8:30 had rice & misua to a train for ride to Capaz. Marched from Capaz to ODonnell. Rested & under supervision of N.C.O. provided with water — Civilians gave each of us two cigarettes. Arrived at O.D about 4 –registered & assigned to Co. B of Casual officers. Then Col. G. & the officer of the 1st. Abbott, Thomas Amato have not appeared. Olson lost on way up. Hutchings & Col Ivey believed lost. Abbott & White made Capt. about April 1. White id here A died enroute.

April 30, 1942

Hosp. # 1 Bataan, P.I.

April 30 12:05 AM. Warned to be ready to leave hospital for PW Camp at any time — left at about 12:15 Am. Rode in truck to Balanga arrived at 4 AM Slept — had fine big serving of Rice at breakfast and noon Japanese are being very liberal and Courteous One soldier took my watch but later I was questioned about it without any reference on my part & later the watch was returned!!