Sat., January 9th, 1932

Spoke with Gov. Davis[1] last night and learned he was having a conference with Hoover this a.m.  Later in the a.m. it was announced that he had resigned and Roosevelt* named in his place.

Rain and snow today. Took Gloria home and dined at Guevara’s and then called on Celia Costa.

We are beginning just into shape material for hearings beginning January 15.

[1] Dwight F. Davis (July 5, 1879-Nov 28, 1945) was Governor General of the Philippines from 1929-1932.  Prior to that he also served as Secretary of War from 1923-1925. He  was also a tennis champion and is best known for established the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, later renamed the Davis Cup.

*Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

January 3, 1932, Sunday

Roxas and I to Mass at 11:00. Then called on Tirona and all together to  Guevara’s[1] for dinner.  There were about 25 there including Celia Costa (UST) who is studying in Washingon on a scholarship.  After luncheon we took Gloria to her father again and made arrangements to leave him there and have Gloria call every morning.  To a movie, then dinner at Osias’ [2] (where Glo is to stay) and then to bed.

[1] Pedro Guevara (Feb 23,1879-Jan 19, 1938)  was Resident Commissioner 1  of the Philippines to Washington DC from 1927 – 1936.

[2] Camilo Osias (March 23, 1889-May 20, 1976) served as Resident Commissioner 2 from 1929-1935. He was a member of the first Philippine Mission to the United States in 1919.