August 26, 1900

About 1 p.m. we received a report from Naguilian, informing us that there had arrived in Gamu a company of cavalry, which, in conjunction with some of the infantry, was coming to attack us under the guidance of one of our soldiers who was wounded and taken prisoner some days ago.

February 4th, 1900

Sunday. About midday, we were informed that the Americans were in Camarag; so we placed ourselves on the alert. Later, this was contradicted. We were told that the Americans, leading a convoy, had gone back on account of the presence of scattered Filipino forces from the town of Cordon in the mountains of San Luis.

About 4 p.m. the town president of Gamu presented himself with seven companions to greet the President and pay his respects, bringing with him gifts consisting of 75 little packages of cigarettes from the Utilidad Factory in Manila and two bottles of gin. The cigarettes were distributed among the officers and soldiers, as was also the gin.