January 6, 1932, Wednesday

Raining and muggy. On my feet all day – to M[ontinola], McIntyre[1] in the afternoon and shopping with Sabido. O[smeña] and R[oxas] and T[irona] spent the day in conferences. Took Gloria home and then returned to the hotel. R[oxas], S[abido], and F[ernandez] asked me to movies but I was too tired and so to bed.

[1] Frank McIntyre (Jan 5, 1865-Feb 16, 1944) served in the US army in the PI from 1899-1902. He was for many years with the Bureau of Insular Affairs which was responsible for the federal administration of the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico. He became its head in 1912.

January 5, 1932, Tuesday

Mission called on President Hoover,[1] then conference at House Offices including Tirona to agree on sending cable to Manila for money. More conferences in the afternoon.

In the evening, Osmeña and I took Gloria and Mrs. O[sias] to movies and the Madrillion[2]  The others played poker in 801.

[1] Herbert Hoover  (Aug 10, 1874- Oct 20, 1964) was 31st President of the United States, serving from 1929-1933.

[2] “Madrillon” was a “themed” restaurant in Washington DC popular with bankers, businessmen and Latin diplomats

January 4, 1932, Monday

Up at 8 a.m. and off to buy two suits $26.00

At 11 a.m. the entire party called on the Secretary of War* and we had our pictures taken.

Then most of today at the House Offices.  In the evening burlesque with O[smeña],R[odrigo],F[ernandez] & I.

*Patrick J. Hurley


January 3, 1932, Sunday

Roxas and I to Mass at 11:00. Then called on Tirona and all together to  Guevara’s[1] for dinner.  There were about 25 there including Celia Costa (UST) who is studying in Washingon on a scholarship.  After luncheon we took Gloria to her father again and made arrangements to leave him there and have Gloria call every morning.  To a movie, then dinner at Osias’ [2] (where Glo is to stay) and then to bed.

[1] Pedro Guevara (Feb 23,1879-Jan 19, 1938)  was Resident Commissioner 1  of the Philippines to Washington DC from 1927 – 1936.

[2] Camilo Osias (March 23, 1889-May 20, 1976) served as Resident Commissioner 2 from 1929-1935. He was a member of the first Philippine Mission to the United States in 1919.

January 1, 1932, Friday

Arrived at Chicago 12:00 or nearly 3 hours late.  A large group of Pinoys  met us headed by Dr. Zulueta? Zialcita? and Dr. Montenegro(?)  Montemayor (?). We ate ice cream and cookies in the Filipino Recreation Center and toasted Speaker Roxas who is 40 years old today.  Then to catch the 1:45  …?... Capitol Hotel to which our special car was booked. We lunched at 2:30 p.m. on the adobo prepared by Mrs. Zulueta (Zialcita?) and that evening we were guests of Roxas for dinner.

December 30, 31, 1931

Spent both days on the S.F. Ltd. bound for Chicago. We spent our time reading Hawes manuscript on the P.I. – Also a little bridge now and then.  Montinola is in bed  —  in one of the compartments  and we take turns keeping him company.

Fernandez, Rodrigo and I asked Gloria to be our guest tonight in a special New Year’s Eve dinner in the Dining Car. It cost $10.00.  To bed at 9:30.

December 29, 1931, San Francisco

Arrived at breakwater at 6:00 but immigration officials were late and we did not dock until after 9:00.  Dolly met us and spent the day on board. Roxas and Co, with exception of Montinola left for lunch and tea with Ehrman, Jackson & Co while F[ernandez] and I remained to expedite baggage through.

Left for So. Pac. Ferry at 4:00 and joined party there at 5:40  to cross over the ferry into Oakland.  Left on the S.F. at  6:55. Dolly is returning to L.A. tomorrow.

December 28, 1931

Frantic packing all day and preparing grades for U.S.T. It was very cold today but seas not rough. Captain’s dinner a failure.  Fernandez and I were up at 1:00 a.m. and I was unable to sleep until 3:00 a.m.