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[27 October 1521]

We sailed from Quipit to go to Maluco [Moluccas], and went to S.E., sighting an island called Sibuco; after that we went to S.S.E., and saw another island, called Virano Batolague; and we went by the same course as far as the cape of this island, and after that we saw another, which they call Candicar [Balut Island]; and we went to the E. between the two, until we went ahead of it; and there we entered a channel between Candicar and another, which they call Sarangani; and at this island [Sarangani Island] we anchored and took a pilot for Maluco; and these two islands are in 4⅔°, and the cape of Quipit in 7¼°, and the Cape of Sibuco, on the south side, is in 6°, and the Cape of Viranu Batologue in 5°, and from the Cape of Quipit and Candicar the run is from N.N.W. to S.S.E., without touching any cape.