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January 14-31, 1897

A lamentable accident. Our respected leader Dimabungo (Eusebio Roque) was betrayed by his own men. For that reason, we immediately returned to our hometown. Our conscience did not permit us to still remain in that place among those so-called brothers. On the 13th we stayed at the riverbank, near Pitpitan, to recover our strength. We received word that Dimabungo, his body tied, was brought to Bulacan. The three of us (i.e., Del Pilar’s brother, brother-in-law and himself) were tempted to rescue him from the enemy, but this was impossible; three hundred men guarded him. May our leader forgive us; but we shall avenge him while a breath of life remains in us.

We arrived in Binakod on January 18. We proceeded to Paombong on the 19th, where we found the family of my friend Clemente V. On the 22nd we had a minor skirmish with the enemy in Binakod. On the 24th and the 25th the enemy still threatened our batteries. On the 26th, we started our march towards Imus, passing through Pintong Saplungan, Banaban (Angat), and Lawang (Garay). We spent the evening of the 28th in Pintong Pala-pala (Garay). On the 31st, we resumed our march crossing the mountains and plains of San Jose, until we arrived at Makabod, where we spent the night.