Manila, Philippine Islands, August 30, 1898

I must tell you where I am writing this from and what my occupation is at present. Last Friday, as I was working in the kitchen in our quarters over at Cavite, I received a written order to proceed to Manila as soon as possible, reporting upon arrival to Brigadier-General Hughes, at Headquarters, Eighteenth Army Corps. I found General Hughes who asked me if I wanted to be detailed as his messenger. I asked him his candid advice on the comparative advantages of going to headquarters or of sticking by my troop. He answered that he should not have asked me unless he thought I would be doing the best thing. I then spoke of the chance of my seeing active service with my troop; to which he replied that he would know of any movement before it was executed and could have me back in the troop on two hours’ notice. I told him that I should be very glad to come.

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