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Sunday, Oct. 23d, 1898

Cavite, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Very busy day. Slopping around in rain and mud all the day. Gloomy, dull weather. Got up early. Prayed & read testaments. Cooked breakfast hurriedly, then caught 8.30 a.m. ferry boat “M. Nuñez” for Cavite. Fare 20 cts Mex. Scott did not show up. Probably sick. Another man formerly a school teacher in Damon’s Chinese Mission Honolulu, Private A. M. Walcott K Co. 1st Colorado Vol. Inf. introduced himself to me on the boat. Out sightseeing. Is a Congregationalist. Agreed to accompany me, but I must not call him to speak. Hired a native “parao” with outriggers. 4 Filipinos took us from Cavite to the U.S. warship, “Concord”. Was kindly received by officer of the deck & conducted to place of service, engineer mess room. Was clean & nice. A table was laid covered by a United States flag & a number of seats placed in position. Dismissed our boatmen paying them $1. Mex. Walcott paid 50 cts of the am’t. The bell was rung & 23 of the crew collected on the main deck – aforesaid mess room. Very warm. Loaned them 30 song books. Led the meeting & did everything. Nobody testified. At close God blessed my efforts. A man – a Methodist backslider – kneeled down at the table and professed to get victory. Glory to my God. Name George Row. Age. 28.

I called at the office and thanked Lieut-Commander G.P. Colvocoresses for this kindness. Ordered the steam launch “Iona” to take me & my companion ashore. Very kind of him. I distributed free 30 copies S. F War Cry No. 555 – July 15th 1898.

At Cavite met 3 Custom house men from Manila who were over there sight seeing on the American restaurant run by a darkey. Took dinner cost me 50 cts. Mex. Walcott & I visited 18th U.S. Infantry. Some of the soldiers recognized me as the man who accompanied them into the city day of capture. 13th Aug. Friendly.

The Custom House men (Albert B. Wiley, Chas Webster, and C Sanderlin) gave us a free ride back to Manila.

Arriving at home hurriedly cooked supper of corn meal mush & friend bacon. At 7.p.m. started the service & led it in the Christian Commission tent for Glunz & Jackson. Audience 75. U.S. Soldiers – including 2 Filipinos. Good spirit. Testimonies, songs etc. At close a U.S. soldier, Private Stoughton of 23d U.S. Reg. Infantry, kneeled down & professed conversion; praise God forever. Was invited to come to Old Manila & lead a meeting with the 23d. Advised the soldier to make the arrangements & will. Glunz also asked me to lead another service for him.

Returning home found Private Mendenhall in charge. Talked & prayed. Gave him 94 S.F. War Crys for free distribution among his comrades – 1st Colorados. viz. 64 copies No. 555, July 16th ’98; 30 copies 565, Sept. 17th ’98.

Spoke to Glunz personally about salvation.

Only 1 visitor that I knew of came to No. 2.