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Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Stormy weather. Blowing & raining last night, today & is closing in night again with promise of a continuation. Took advantage of the storm to catch rain water for use – drinking and cooking purposes. God’s crystal supply fresh from the clouds is the best for me.

The troops are still held closely in their quarters for emergencies. How matters will end out here no one knows. The Filipinos appear bent on having a republic of their own – an absurdity without the protection of a great power. The “wild beasts of Europe” would quickly devour the weakling. They are searching the earth to find a piece of land to grab. Almost everything in sight has been grabbed; now for the remainder.

My breakfast of corn meal mush, coffee & fried bacon was finally cooked after capsizing of the first pan of hot water. Supper was not attended with such a mishap – so the corn meal mush, banana & friend bacon disappeared before the quick tropical night closed in. Dinner cold was not despised, even if one biscuit, butter, bananas and lemonade constituted the same.

This was a rainy day at home, but the time was not suffered to go to waste. Put in several hours writing an article for the San Francisco War Cry. They have given so much space to my communications that I feel crowded for copy & hence gave considerable time to writing today, describing my experiences, the country and making a list of the languages and dialects. The number of the latter (see Government Report for 1897) are 61. Likely there are more. No. pages Ms. 16 1/2.

Private Frank Amie of H. battery called at the post office for me & purchased 10 cts worth bread & the “American.”

Visitors 2.