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Thursday, Oct. 27th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

After dinner called at the post office. Received a letter from Captain Coughlan the “Raleigh”. Welcomed me to his vessel to hold service. Wrote him immediately that I will (D.V.) be over to his vessel next Sunday for that purpose.

On my way back from the post office met Private Peter Shipper (Salvationist – member of S.F. No. 6 corps) coming down Calle del Rosario with a cigar in his mouth. He threw it away when he met me. I took advantage of the circumstance to warn him against backsliding. Said he feels all right in his soul, & implied the cigar was a straw showing which way the wind was blowing; that he is on the back track. I have but little confidence in him. When I first heard that Harry Kline & Peter Shipper were with the Philippine expedition & rejoiced because in them I hoped to find some faithful supporters. They have done next to nothing for me or the work down here. Kline is an avowed backslider and Shipper will share the same fate if he is not careful. Invited him to our holiness meeting tomorrow night.

(1) Entering the First California barracks one evening unexpectedly & caught Kline smoking before he backslid.

(2) Entering the 2d Oregon barracks at Cavite & caught Sergeant Coltner playing cards – another surprise.

(3) Today going along the street, caught Shipper smoking – another surprise.

These men disappointed me because I expected much of them. Since the open-air meetings in the old walls at Cavite.

Coltner has attended no S.A. meetings. Always had an excuse for staying away. Love had grown cold.

I asked Kline one day to join the 1/10 League. Replied no; because he gives much money more than a tenth to God, but would help me financially. Never gave one cent.

Asked Shipper to join the League. Excuse: Sending some money to No. 6 corps. But would wait & if many others joined he would join too. Never helped me with a nickel.

God brought my financial backing from unexpected sources; likewise help in meetings. The lesson is: lean not on an arm of flesh. Men whom we expect much of will deceive us. Trust God & go ahead. I do not permit such cases to make me sour, but leaning on the arm that faileth no, go right ahead with them if they come & without them if they come not.

Visitors V III

The threatened war between England & France is blowing over.

The strained relations between the American forces and the Filipinoes, have eased a little by the latter withdrawing beyond the lines “Manila & suburbs” surrendered by the Spanish; but this is probably only a temporary peace. The Filipinoes threaten war if the American troops are not withdrawn.

A drunken sailor wandered into No. 2 spewed on the floor & left again. Was probably a runaway.

The Filipino family downstairs pick up a job now and then from me & thus earn a little money. Gave them a chance to wash my clothes, patch some & to clean the stairs & landing.

Started the day with bible reading and prayer. This keeps me in the close torch with God & puts new spiritual life into my soul. Manila is bad & sin is rampant.