Saturday, October 29th, 1898

Secretary Day came in rather early this morning with a dispatch in his hand from Washington. I read it, and as each of the other Commissioners came in it was handed to them. Senator Gray came last, and it was then read aloud for his benefit. Up to that time we had all received it rather silently, although Secretary Day had been somewhat sarcastic and amusing concerning our new fellow citizens [the Filipinos]. It was curious to notice Senator Gray’s face as he heard the precise instructions for claiming the whole of the Philippines. The rest of us preserved a decorous attitude and avoided any signs of gratification or the reverse. Senator Gray expressed some regret, but intimated, as he had done before, that while he should not conceal his individual opinions at home, he felt bound to be governed by the instructions of the President and the action of the Commission.

There was some discussion of the best form to adopt in carrying out the President’s instruction. Finally, Senator Frye made a motion that tentative articles be prepared claiming the whole of the Philippines and offering to consider any legitimate debt for internal improvements or other pacific purposes, and Secretary Moore retired to prepare it…

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