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Tuesday, November 8th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Hot day. No trouble to perspire. Cooked corn meal mush, bacon & cocoa for breakfast; dinner, bananas, jelly and bread & lemonade; supper mush, bacon and lemonade. Begrudge the time for cooking.

Visitors 8.

Private Geo. S. Bertrand of G. Co. South Dakota Vol. Inf. bought me $6.64 Mex. & joined the Tenth League. Later W. Warren a U. S. soldier who would not give his company & regimental address donated to my work $7 Mex. Leaving he exclaimed, “Say, you mustn’t forget to say a little prayer for me once in a while.” I promised to remember him.

Went down town & made some purchases of food & newspapers; also 3 Spanish pamphlets, 2 on the Philippines & one prophesying a war between the U.S. & Spain, written by Adolfo Llanos & printed in Havana, Cuba, 1897.

Kept busy writing for the “American Soldier”. For “War Memories wrote “Frosted Feet”, “Coconut Candy”, “Fine Work” (re U.S. Signal Corps 13th Aug) For “In & About Manila”, (same paper) wrote “Noonday Naps” & “El Chino”.

After supper Brother Mendenhall brought to No. 2 Rev. and Mr. Chas. Owens, Methodist Missionaries, who arrived today from the United States. They hail from state of Washington. They are house hunting & came to see my vacant rooms. Seem to like them and may rent them tomorrow.