Friday, November 11th, 1898

Dr. Clarke turned up early this morning, and said that Judge Day was in no danger, but must certainly keep his bed today and probably tomorrow. Senator Frye was the only Commissioner who appeared in my room. After a half hour’s chat I proposed to him that we should get the ladies and go to the flower show in the Garden of the Tuileries. After he had wandered through the extraordinary display of fruits, chrysanthemums, etc., he broke out with the declaration [that] for once he was willing to lower the American flag, and admit that this was better than anything we did. True to her colors, Mrs. Frye after a rather reluctant assent added: “Yes, but we could do it as well if we tried.” Comte and Comtesse Kergorlay ran against me as I was studying a fruit display at the farther end of the tent, and were naturally very cordial. They had just returned to town, and gave rather bad news of the Comtesse’s sister Madame Lagrange. While we were chatting the President of the Republic passed, and when I broke away from them for a minute to tell Mrs. Frye who it was, she was as interested and eager to see him as a school girl…

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