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Thursday, November 24th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

THANKSGIVING. So far as eating is concerned this has not been a feast day to me, but the Lord gives me far more than I deserve. He has truly blessed me in soul and body, for which I thank & love Him; praise His name. God has blessed the United States marvelously. I thanked my God specially in praise & prayers in my room.

Has been a busy day for me.

Cooked breakfast of bacon fried, corn meal mush and cocoa. Dinner: a 10 cents box sardines, some bread, jelly and oranges & lemonade; supper, corn meal mush, cocoa, fried bacon and jelly. Private Amie of H Battery 3d Artillery presented me with 1 jar strawberry jelly and 1 bottle syrup. May God bless him and his family. Says he intends to unite with the Salvation Army. Was converted & sanctified thru its agency.

Private Alfred Pines of A. Co. 1st South Dakota vol. Inf. also brought me 1/10 payment amounting $3.20 U.S. coin.

This forenoon I went to Old Manila — Palace — & got my receipt from McCullough. Paid him $3 U.S. coin for 300 – 2 colors – Not a good job.

Learned that a mail leaves 9.a.m. tomorrow for the U.S. Hurried home & commenced writing copy for the S.F. War Cry. Worked off 8 pages Ms. & wrote & copied 2 letters – (1) Lieut–Col Wm Evans with War Cry copies; (2) Staff-Capt. Ferris, New York acknowledging receipt of General’s Commission & notifying him that Attorney Gibson of Flagstaff, Arizona, has entered the Methodist ministry.

Gave Private Pines 30 War Crys for force distribution among the South Dakota troops, 5 copies No. 565; Sept. 24th, 10 of No. 567 Oct. 18th & 15 of No. 568 Oct. 15th.

Visitors 8.

Busy writing this afternoon & night copy for the S.F. Sub-heads: “The Monitor Monadnock”, “Cruelty to the Queen’s English”, “Friendless Dead”, and “San Pablo Monastery”.

On my return home me Private Shipper of the Engineers. He gave me War Cry No. 569 Oct. 22d. I was shocked to learn that Chas D. Coffin (“Happy Charley”) was killed instantly by a gravel train on the S.P. Mole at Oakland, Cal. Charley lived at 822 ½ Henny St. West Oakland.

He was one of my warmest friends. In 1884 or 5 he was sent to Stockton, Cal. to assist me. I was then the Captain in charge of the corps.; there he met Miss Annie Helferich one of my soldiers & subsequently married her. A daughter was born to them. The mother is an invalid.

Charley was employed as a clerk in the auditing department of the S.P. Railroad Company’s chief office. Was a very zealous Salvationist. Seemed to me that he idolized it.

Rev. & Ms. Owens went over to the Third Artillery barracks & preached this evening. They took the first step to organize a Methodist church among the soldiers. They secured 16 names – all Methodists, save 2.

I went over there about 10.15 to see Bro. Devine. Visited & prayed with Private Hummer who is sick.