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Monday, November 28th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Rainey and cool. No heat to trouble us, but still the cold sweat stood on my body – a peculiarity of this climate. The night is closing in with rain.

Remained close at home this forenoon. Wrote 2 letters & copied them (1) to Lt.-Col. Alice Lewis; my 3d weekly letter, (2) Lieut-Cal. J. J. Keppel inquiring if the short articles in the Chicago Tribune is correct that he & Mrs. Keppel attended the Grand Council of the American Volunteers –Bal. Booth’s if so why.

Visitors today 15.

Called at the post office; also went to a second hand dealer & purchased 2 vols (there are 3) of History Philppine Islands. Paid $2Mex. It’s in Spanish.

Private Amie presented me with 2 or 3 overshirts, 3 handkerchiefs & pair of cotton socks. He took supper with me.

Arranged to lead a meeting in the 3d Artillery barracks, Thursday P.M.

I felt quite droopy today. Falling barometer probably.

There was a general & special meeting of the U.S. Chaplains today. They are having trouble with the Romish Church. A Filipino father wanted to bury his dead child in a R. Catholic cemetery. Priest demanded $5. Father said he only had $1, would give that. Reply must pay regulation price or bury his brat himself. Father got Chaplain Pierce to perform the last rites. Priest refused to give key to enter cemetery. Pierce with an axe cut his way into the cemetery. Chaplain McKinney Kenna of First Cal Vol. Inf. wrote him that there are Roman C. priests to do that kind of work, that Filipinos are Catholics & protestants should leave them alone. Pierce wrote a reply & the meeting was called to consider the matter.

More transports are arriving with U.S. troops.

Probably some will leave soon for Iloilo.

Rev. Owens told me about the cemetery difficulty between Pierce & the priests.

The current issue of the American soldiers contains War anecdotes written by me. The proof reading is bad. Praise God – peace is declared – rumor tonight.