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Thursday, Dec. 1st, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

First clear day in a long time. Heat. No rain. Bright moon at night. Cooked breakfast & dinner took with Rev. and Mrs. Owens furnished 1 two pound cans of apricots. Also cooked super. Frugal meal. Corn meal mush, fried bacon & cocoa. Am living cheap.

“Rev.” Geo. Turner, the pioneer of the “Ecclesia” mission or “Come-Outers” of Washington state arrived this morning with his family on the U.S. Transport “Valencia”. He called at No. 2 house-hunting. The come-outers are said to be violent assailers of churches & all religious organizations excepting their own.

After dinner went to post office with Rev. Owens & Bro. Geo. Turner. The latter took dinner with us. No mail for me. Then went on to the Palace in Old Manila & got 800 gramophone tickets, printed on blotting paper, supplied by me. Paid $1.75 U.S. coin for them.

Comrade L. Sneiderman, bugler of the 1st Colorado Vol. Inf. dropped in to see me. Long time since he called. Been in bad spiritual condition. Says he is much better & asked him to join our One-Tenth League, but he excused himself from doing so. Prayed with him & Comrade Lloyd of the First Montana Vol. Inf.

Visitors 8.

Rev. Owerns shaved me today. My shaving has been done by Spanish barbers lo these many days.

After super, 7.p.m. Devine & Lloyd came over & together we invaded the Cuartel Meisig. Place de Philippe II, where the 3rd artillery regiment is stationed. Christian soldiers brought out some benches. Cariboa [carabao] carts also supplied sitting accomodations. Salvationists Devine (Landon) Lloyd & later Amie assisted as did Bros. Hummer, Rensberger, Tarr*, Nevins, comrades & lanterns were brought out. In the moonlight our meeting was conducted by the cross wall separating the Utah batteries from the 3d artillery. Audience 45. No souls out.

The “Times” quote “Independencia” that Filipino will fight U.S.