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Sunday, Dec. 4st, 1898

Cavite, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Worked hard. Night finds me tired and sleepy. Up & out of bed early. Cooked breakfast after morning prayer, washed dishes. Private Clayton Scott came in early & we started out in good season for the Cavite ferry opposite the U.S. quartermaster’s department. Scott kept out of sight until the boat left the wharf to escape the notice of Mr. Norton the Quartermaster’s chief clerk. Didn’t want to work Sunday.

Arriving in Cavite (upper) found a steam launch waiting to take us out to the U.S. Cruiser Baltimore, Capt. N.M. Dyer, commander. When we arrived inspection was in progress. Comrade Rasmussen went ashore just after our arrival. Whether accidental or intentional I do not know.

Capt. N. M. Dyer received me kindly & ordered Lieutenant Haywood, officer of the deck, to arrange for our service. Two large tubs were placed on top each other & covered with a large white flag, containing a large blue cross in the center. Led the service assisted by Scott. God gave me liberty. Audience 22 including several officers. Had to close at 11.30 to give the deck to the officers. Some officers & men shook hands with me & said they were glad we came. Officer of the deck (I believe) requested me to come again. Mr. G. P. Shocky, Painter, showed us about & to the lower deck for dinner with the sailors.

12.15 the officer of the deck sent ashore in a steam launch. Distributed 10 War Crys (S.F.) on the “Baltimore”.

When landed at the Arsenal or Navy Yard proceeded immediately to the Military Hospital on Calle Arsenal opposite the Collegio de la Sagrada Familia. Visited the wards & spoke to one convalescent patient about his soul. When leaving met Dr. De Muy who is in charge. Expressed himself glad to see me. Want the S.A. to open fire in Cavite & promises to support it in case officers are sent.

I lost Scott at the hospital. Waited for him at the upper ferry landing. While there a United States soldier, who enlisted in Honolulu & knew me three years ago, came up to me & inquired if I would like to see Spurgeon. Dreamed not that he was in Luzon. Off course. Brown went away & presently ex. Capt. Chas Spurgeon, one of our brightest officers & for a long time type setter on the S.F. War Cry under me, appeared. Confessed himself backslidder. Said it was fault of Adjutant L.M. Simmson of Hawaii. Urged Spurgeon to return to Christ but he refused. Belongs to Co. K. 18th U.S. Infantry – regulars.

I left on the 2p.m. ferry for Manila minus Scott. At No. 2 found quite a crowd – including Br. Danson of the U.S. cruiser “Charleston”.

Cooked supper for 2. Scott arrived on the 4.30 boat.

In the meeting 19 U.S. soldiers were present. The Lord made the meeting interesting but no souls forward.

Visitors today, total so far as I know, 29.

Over in Cavite & in Manila, the whisper going around among some of the troops told of coming trouble with the Filipinos. If we do not have a war with them before December closes I will be arguably disappointed. The signs of the times, events all trend in that direction so far as they appear to me. May God guide us.