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Monday, Dec. 5th, 1898

San Roque, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Feel sluggish & tired. Don’t feel like doing anything. Sky generally clear but clouding up again.

Cooked breakfast & dinner & satisfied my appetite with a cold dinner.

Visitors 10.

Notified the landlady’s son to call for her rent.

Wrote & copied a letter to Capt. B.P. Lamberton asking the privilege of holding a service on the “Olympia” next Sabbath.

Rumors of approaching conflict with Aguinaldo’s forces. American troops are commencing entrenchments & are preparing for the front. Nebraska’s went out today.

Took a Kodak of this late quarters corner of Barcelona and San Fernando streets where I held a meeting one Sabbath & had a soldier profess conversion.

Gave some work to one Filipino (room cleaning) and food to another.

Met Chaplain Wood of the 23d regulars – infantry on the Escolta.

I called at the post office & rec’d 120 War Crys, No. 569 edition; also a package of Canadian, London etc. Crys from San Francisco.

Under date of Oct. 25th Ensign Wm J. Dart, cashier endorsed me a postal money order for $18 on salary a/c. This makes the second. Collected the money immediately & laid aside $2 for the Lord’s tenth.

Mrs. B. Wheeler of West Berkely, Cal. Under date of Oct. 26th, writes that she is sending me in care of Commissary Sergeant Mitchell of the 20th Kansas volunteer infantry, 1 box supplies from the West Berkeley Red Cross Society for me to distribute as I may see proper.

Ensign May Jackson writes under date of Oct. 22d from China – Started the letter on the houseboat “Morning Star”. Been on a Missionary tour (or several) with Miss Erickson and 15 Christian Chinese. Preached Christ in unreached regions. Longs to give her life to that work, but wants to come down on a visit to the Philippines.

The Lord is keeping me saved & sanctified; glory to His name.