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Monday, December 5th, 1898

It has raigned during the Night but the Sun is out as hot as ever our Company hoes troug regular drills we have fresh Meat I again
ask for Extra pay for my Work but cannot get any Satisfaction in the Evening we recieved a smal Mail this day I send Mail to S R Mason Mrs A Miss Ema Jobs Mrs W Ogle and Albert Asendorf the same men remain on the sick List
fresh Meat

It has rained during the night but the sun is out as hot as ever. Our company goes through regular drills. We have fresh meat. I again ask for extra pay for my work but cannot get any satisfaction. In the evening we received a small mail. This day I send mail to S. R. Mason, Mrs. A., Miss Emma Jobes, Mrs. W. Ogle and Albert Asendorf. The same men remain on the sick list.