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Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Much rush. Prayer & bible reading to start the day as usual. Cooked breakfast & washed dishes. Private Hines of the Montana’s called while I was at breakfast. Sent him to the Kansas troops on his wheel to inquire of Sergeant (Commissary) Mitchell of 20th Kansas Vol. Inf. what became of the box consigned to me by the West Berkely Red Cross Society. Don’t know where it is.

Hines & I then took a caromata & drove out to the 2d Reserve hospital, Malate to arrange meetings. Didn’t V. Keefer – busy. Next went to see the encampment of 1st Tennessee Vol. Inf. on the Luneta on bay shore. From there drove to the Palace where I got my 200 Soldiers’ Passes by paying $5 U.S. coin. Consider the price high. Post office next. Where Hines & I separated. On the trip I requested him to arrange for & announce a meeting with his battalion encamped in the Liquor warehouse in San Miguel.

Returning home in the caromata read news. Took dinner with Rev. & Mrs. Owens. They supplied cabbage & I the bacon. Made a dish remindful of the homeland.

Wrote & copied a letter to Capt. E.P. Wood of the gunboat “Petrel” requesting permission to hold services on his boat near Sabbath.

Private I. Russell, proprietor of the “American Soldier” stood guard today at the opposite my house. He requested me to write some copy for his paper by tomorrow night. Promised to do so, or try.

Loaned Bro. David Brown (the ex-M.E. minister, reclaimed last night in Calle No. 2) one of my linen suits to wear while his white suit went to wash, also gave him $1 mex to help him.

Private V. Herron of the Nebraska’s who is now encamped several miles up the Pasig called. Gave him 12 War Crys of No. 570 edition to distribute among his comrades.

Writer talked Christ & salvation to 8 or 10 patients at the 2d Reserve hospital.

Cooked supper & washed dishes, got lesson for the night. Held away to 2d Battalion Montana Vols. San Miguel. Took with me Bros. Devine (Landon) Amie & Brown. Met several Montana & South Dakota Salvationists. God present. Audience 50. Frank Freeman, drunken backslider claimed victory in Christ.

Visitors at No. 2. 3 or more.