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Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cloudy and cool. Quite agreeable. Cooked breakfast and supper. Bro. Devine (Landon) sent me 2 good steaks as by D. Brown. I cooked one for my supper & gave the other to Rev. & Mrs. Owens. We borrow from each other frequently & occasionally divide food. They are finished for money.

Remained at home during the forenoon & wrote 2 short articles, continuation of “Incidents of Campaigning Days” for the “American Soldier.” Names or subheads. Went out 5 & came back 6, “Contrasts.” Sent them to Mr. Isaac Russell of Utah battery, the proprietor.

Ex-sergeant – Major Ackarett of Ogden Utah of Utah Artillery, has been remaining away from my meetings & attending Owens services in the Christian Commission. He called on the Owens with gifts of family supplies. I took him to task for neglecting his own work to also taking fencing lessons. Prayed for him.

After dinner went down on the Escolta. Purchased some groceries. Rec’d such a large War Cry mail that I hired a caromata. 24 cents Mex. to haul it. I have:

S.F War Crys rec’d. Assorted editions printed years ago copies 469; No. 571 edition Nov. 5th, 120 copies. Total 589.

Sent out for distribution 200 old miscellaneous War Crys (S.F.) to be distributed in G.H.K. & L batteries of the 3d artillery. Private Frank Amie took them. Also sent to the monitor “Monadnock” by Sailor H.M. Hanam, 30 copies miscellaneous Crys (S.F.) & 5 of No. 571.

Lt. Col. Wm Evans sent me in a letter dated the 3d remittance of $18 on my salary. Collected the postal note & set aside $2 for the Lord’s tenth. So this regularly.

The Astor battery is about to return home.

Rumors keep coming in of impending trouble with the insurgents.

Gave a Filipino work to make me a gate for the top landing of the front stains. P’d him $1 Mex & p’d 10 cts. Mex for 2 bamboo poles.

Visitors today 10.


Rec’d several letters for various parties.