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Thursday 12-15-98

Up at 3.30 a.m. and with 2 boys from 2 batt. out to B.H. 12 to survey. Got vicinity of B.H. to river –old fortifications where I picked up many mausers (Spanish & Phil. brass remington). Then I took a canoe, rowed across creek, slipped past insurgent guard and took observation on about 3 mi. of territory within ins. lines. Back safely. Idaho came out on some alarm, to b.h. No. 12 and the 4th Cav. can move in a min. Wash. took possession of b.h. 10 & have canteens filled with blankets rolled for a quick call tonite. Aguin.[aldo] says he will attack city tomorrow & every reg. is ready. We were issued 100 rounds today, and all is excitement. No. Philip. [Filipinos] are around tonight.

Last night 9 men at outpost were surrounded & surrendered to 150 Phil. [Filipinos] who were soon captured themselves by 2 Co’s of reinforcements, and are now prisoners of war. In p.m. went with several officers to b.h. 11 & 10 –then up on large church to study country. Tired, but happy, for this is work, difficult and dangerous. Spies report a movement of all ins. troops –all but sentries. Looks interesting. Stayed in all eve.