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Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Another day of rush, thank God. Have had to work at high pressure since coming to the Philippines but God has sustained my physical & spiritual strength.

Weather hot, my clothes are wet with perspiration. Have just returned from San Miguel. Led a service there in the tent attached to quarters of the 2d & 3d Battalions of the First Montana Vol. Inf. Audience 50. The Holy Ghost present. The Lord sealed the meeting with one soul. Corporal Alfred Eugene Scott (brother of Clayton Scott) of Co. D. 1st North Dakota volunteer Inf. Private Georgeson of Co. L. 1st Bat. 1st South Dakota Vol. Inf. dropped in to No. 2, Calle Santa Elena to spread the evening. Found me preparing to go over to the Montana troops. Came along, as we were about to board the Calle Jolo horse car Corporal Alf. Scott with a cigar in hand met us. Invited him to accompany us. Agreed. Paid our car fare. The Holy Ghost convicted him at the close. Came to the reading table & knelt down. The Lord Jesus healed his backslidings. He confessed to me that he was about to make way with himself. Soldiers followed him 2 days to watch his movements lest he commit suicide, but he gave them the slip this day & the Lord led him right into our arms with the result started already – salvation in Christ. Praise God. Clayton Scott was present. Rejoiced. Said “my prayer are answered at last”, when he saw his brother at the table.

Rev. & Mrs. Owens closed their revival at the Christian Commission tent last Sunday. They had 8 professions in 2 weeks, baptized four persons in Pasig.

Monday they rested & this afternoon went out to stay overnight with Capt. & Mrs. Geo Spicer on the “Glooscup.” Our house was left open & alone when I went to the Montanas.

Cooked breakfast & supper & took a cold dinner.

Wrote 2 letters & copied them this forenoon (1) to Lt-Col. Alice Lewis, New York, 7th weekly report (2) letter of sympathy to Mrs. Anna E. Goffin of Oakland – Husband killed by R.R Train.

About 2.45 p.m. Private Hines & I took a quilez from the Escolta to the 2d Reserve Hospital in Malate for convalescents. Arrived there about 3p.m. late. Hospital employees arrange the dining room for us & I led a meeting with an audience of 19, mostly patients. Commander Hines & A.E. Temple (latter Salvationist employed in the Hospital) assisted me. I left encouraged by this my first service although no one came forward.

Time pressed, Hines had to reach his quarters by 4p.m. or thereabouts for regimented dress parade. We secured a quilez on Calle Real, Malate & traveled against time. Arrived just us the officers were going to the barracks. The quilez then took me to No. 2, after stopping at the post office Hines paid for the quilez going out & I paid coming back – 30 cents Mexican money. – Visitor 1.