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Wednesday 12-21-98

Up at reveille, and in heavy marching order Co. D and Co. I went to outposts at Singalong. Co. D had blockhouses 12 & 13.

On our right about 100 shots were exchanged during the day. We each had 150 rounds and surely expected fighting. Six troops of 4th Ca. 1st Wash, 1st Tenn. & 14th U.S.A. all the 2nd brigade were posted in the trenches. Our hdqrs were on the spot where the Astor battery made their great stand and pistol charge. Block 13 was burned when full of S[panish]. wounded. In a.m. all the natives left the vicinity –pickets were posted. Late in eve 5 reg., 6000 strong, came out up to lines, occupied old S. trenchments. I crossed creek and went along strip of timber, dodged several ins[urgent]. pickets and got on high timber land back of Santa Ana. Took meander line of creek between b.h’s, 11 & 12 in p.m. Ins. bugles were blowing all day. Trouble all along the line, but yet –no fight. Boys are terribly disappointed. We’ve been called out so often on special duty, yet took Corp Fairbank’s duty for one relief. Slept on old window shutter.