Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Forenoon hot; shower after dinner & quite cool. Disquieting war alarms continue. Soldiers are called to arms, are kept in barracks etc. soldiers are roused up at unseemly hours etc. The First California troops were ordered to the front today. This sort of thing has continued more than a week. The end cannot be far for end it must. In case the Filipinos attack the city from the outside I fear they will attempt to kill, burn and loot inside the city at the same time.

Visitors 10.

Just before noon a quilez drove up to the door of No. 2 with Corporal Alfred E. Scott (who found Christ last night at the meeting at the Montana (2d & 3d battalions) of D. Co. 1st North Dacota Vol. Inf., in charge of an armed soldier. The Corporal came to say good-bye & pray. Comforted & counseled him, also prayed with & for him. Donated $1 Mex. to the S.A. work. Said he is well saved. To God be the glory. The Corporal was court martialed & sentenced to 8 months in Bilibib prison for learning his post while on guard. I gave him 2 song books.

Remained at home until the cool of the evening approached, writing & reading (latter Winchell’s geology). Wrote 4 letters & copied 3.

Visited the post office in the evening & got shave in a Spanish barber shop. Go to the Spaniards twice a week.

Brother Hans Verweibe, the Salvation Army cook in the U.S. general or district hospital at Cavite dropped in upon me after dark. Had a talk & prayer together. He joined the Tenth League & also gave me a Xmas present of $5 gold.

In last Monday’s Soldiers’ Meeting led by a Frank Amie, the soldiers agreed among themselves to collect money for the S.A. work in their several commands. Tonight at their request I wrote out 6 authorizations to collect money viz.,

  • Frank Amie, Battery H. 3d artillery, U.S. regulars
  • Berry. Co. H. 1st Montana Vol. Inf.
  • S. Bertrand, Co. G. 1st South Dakota Vol. Inf.
  • Clayton Scott, Co. D. 1st North Dakota Vol. Inf.
  • G. Hines, Co. E. 1st Montana Vol. Inf.
  • Waterman Co. H. 1st South Dakota Vol. Inf.
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