Sunday, Christmas, Dec. 25, 98

Awake late as I do not have to report at reveille. Ate no breakfast. Natives all dressed in silks &c, and carry baskets of fruit, live chickens to eat &c –all have something. Great cockfights. All say “Felices Pascual, Senor.” Went to Glasia [Iglesia] San Sebastian to mass. This is a fine edifice of iron, br’t in pieces from Germany, highest tower in town –16 bell chimes. Splendid interior, painting &c plate. Then to another church & back via Calle de Camillias. Lunch. We sang “Do they think of me at home,” “I love you the same as before,” and “Where is the happy party.” Made me think of the old “quartette” –Oh, I love them all– but I have lost them all –by the only way, that of making myself unworthy. So strange, so lonely and so far from home –I never shall forget Xmas 98-99. In eve we went down to Alhambra, where the 1st batt. Idaho banqueted 1st batt. N. Dakota. Had a dinner of about 15 courses –toasts — music– and the boys sang. Then back a’ Tabacolaria at midnight.

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