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Wednesday, Jan. 4th, 1899

Cavite, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Feel quite weary and jaded. My stomach has not been quite right today. Have been running around & leading too many meetings of late I opine. Have been very busy. Out of bed early. Prayer and Bible reading; then cooked & ate breakfast in haste. Walked down to the Cavite ferry boat in front of the U.S. Quartermaster’s warehouse. Paid 20 cts. fare. Crossing the bay saw a tug taking 2 cascos to a transport out in the bay. I landed with soldiers dressed in “fighting brown” and co. baggage. Four steamers were at anchor receiving troops: “Salvadora”, “España” “Union” and another. The 1st Reg’t California Vol. Inf. & I hear Colorado’s. Two Spanish transports, flying Spain’s colors are also lying in the bay to take away Spanish prisoners.

In Cavite called at the post office for Frank Amie’s letter. Failed to get it. Sent to Manila. Visited fort at the point below the arsenal & took pictures, also elsewhere. Left a film with Bandsman A.J. From one of the 1st Tennessee brass band at the Arsenal. Will develop it at 10 cts. U.S. coin a picture. Each print same price. I called at the Filipino’s house, No. 1 Calle San Domingo. He developed 2 films & printed 24 Kodak pictures for $5. Mex.

Took dinner at Silver’s restaurant on Calle Real, Pd. 25 cts. Mex for my dinner.

Purchased shells for my collection.

Knew but one visitors to come to No. 2 – Comrade Georgeson,.

Did not see but one 3d Artilleryman on the street. They are shut up in the Cuartel Meisig waiting – for war. Our No. 2 place is feeling the effects. Rooms are empty.

Ex-Rev. David Brown had to look for new quarters today. Not wanted here. Gets drunk too much.

Met on the boat (Cavite) Senor J. Arevalo, dentist – Mestizo, Elizondo 4. Quiapo ward, Manila. Asked me in English if I have a Spanish Bible. Wants to purchase one. I ans’d that I have considerable literature. Will (D.V.) call at his place Friday with samples. Said he & many of his countrymen are weary of the Roman Catholic church. We had a long talk. Are (Arevalo & others) leaning towards protestantism?