Saturday 1-7-99

Took survey of Calle de Matate [Malate] in a.m. and in p.m. went with Sergt Burtt & Corp Fix & Priv Williams thro’ the cigar factory. Most of the work done by hand. Then to old Wyoming quarters by Luneta and a Spanish prisoner described the slaughter pen to us. Wall shot to pieces where they were lined up and executed. In evening Sergts Coombs & Huckins, Corp Welch & Privates Rob & McKay sun at 6th Art & Co. A Minn on Calle de Real No. 3. 1st Lieut Purse treated us right up to date. Home after taps –but we got in all right. The Filipinos have torn down the President’s proclamation and Aguinaldo has issued one of his own and positively refused to lay down his arms. Rumor was wrong about Iloilo –for our troops landed without opposition. Last night a sentry shot & killed a 1st Sergt at the arsenal in walled city. Took him for a Filipino at whom he had shot a moment before. Letter to Wilson & Sines left.

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