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Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cool breeze blowing larger part of the day, reminded me of the temperate zone & had a tendency to brace me up, but still the least execution made my underwear wet with perspiration.

I feel very tired tonight. Walked out to San Miguel out to Calle de Gral. Solano. Took a photo of 1st Bat. 1st South Dakota vol. Inf. and called at the 1st Montana barracks. Saw Private Hines re holding a service after dark. Replied he thought it advisable. Returned home, cooked a cup of cocoa, partook of cold food, got my bible lesson, prayed & was off again. Hines, Lloyd, Freeman, Scott & 2 other comrades assisted me. Audience 30. Tried hard but could get no souls forward to seek Christ publicly. After meeting. Hines gave me $20 gold & Lloyd $2 U.S. silver, principally to settle for gramophone exhibition tickets. Will straighten accounts (D.V.) tomorrow.

During day at home wrote & copied 3 letters. Read several chapters in Winchell’s Walks & Talks in Geology. Feel much interest in Natural history as it reflects God’s thoughts. When downtown, the first time today called at the post office & brought back a letter for Rev. Owens. The same was a letter of credit notifying him that he can draw £60. This proved good news to him & his wife. They are $100 in debt. Borrowed money from friends. Recently on the Glooscap they rec’d a donation of $100. They have not paid me any rent since moving into No. 2 Were not able. They talk of squaring accounts.

Invited me to dinner. Special feature – ham & cabbage. Was highly appreciated.

Visitors to No. 2 None. The house remains empty now from noon till night. The U.S. troops are in fighting trim & are kept close to their barracks. Crowds continue to leave the city I am told. This continuous strain of impending battle is a marked feature of everyday life in Manila at the present time. Everything & everyday is kept in a state of suspense. I heard today that the Insurrectos outnumber the American soldiers 3 to 1. Also heard that Gen’l Otis is avoiding the offensive & waiting for reinforcements.