Thursday, Jan. 12th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Sky overcast with clouds all day and the temperature cool to such an extent that I am reminded of America. Cooked breakfast & supper & washed dishes. Made cold food suffice me for dinner.

This forenoon went to town. Called at the post office. No mail. Visited the Imperial photograph gallery and purchased photographs for future use; also dropped into a Spanish book store and purchased some. These pictures may be used for stereopticon exhibitions providing that kind of work is assigned me in the future. I think best to take time by the forelock and prepare now.

Privates Andrew Waterman and Alfred Pines both of the South Dakota volunteers, called & paid their Tenth League dues; God bless them amen. I am much encouraged by the willingness exhibited by quite a few comrades to render back to God one-tenth of His gifts to them. Waterman said the Lord is prospering him.

Wrote & copied two letters (1) to Major Ashley Pebbles No. 928 R. street Washington D.C. to make payment of $30. 74 for the gramophone & $8.74 worth of records & 1 case purchased from him on credit (2) Major John McHarlane, No. 1139 Baronne street New Orleans, La. paying him $5 for a valise. Went to catch tomorrow’s U.S. mail.

The wave of excitement that thrilled Manila like electricity yesterday was caused by the three shots I heard over on Calle Jolo yesterday afternoon. The American troops sprang to arms – the entire force in a remarkably short time. Cause of shooting: American soldiers – police shot a cur that snapped at him. We are now living in Manila at such high tension that it needs but a slight disturbance to thrill the whole populace.

Waterman brought word that the American & Filipino pickets fired at each other last night. Fred Schmidt of Co. F. South Dakota Vols. killed 2 Filipino soldiers night before last. He permitted them to pass. They tried to kill him, cut his face. – Visitors today 3; prayed with them.

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