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Saturday, Jan. 14th, 1899

Cavite, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Out of bed early. Not a difficult matter. Same kind of dead animal so filled my bedroom with a bad smell that the night was thereby made very uncomfortable. Got up cooked breakfast and hurried down into Binondo ward & paid the fare thereof to Cavite. While waiting for the boat to leave had a short talk with Mr. Sterling, one of the proprietors of the Corregidor Island line, encouraged me to make a trip over one of these days & hold a service on board. I may do so, the Lord willing.

At Cavite called at the Tennessee brassband quarters & secured 10 films. Mr. A.J. Fromme did the work for $1 U.S. coin. Wants more work.

Met Private Chas Lorentz of the Hospital corp, on Calle de Arsenal. Together we arranged for a service or two in the Sally – port of San Felipe fort, Cavite tomorrow. One Comrade stated that they are all on a strain in Cavite as they have expected an insurrection from the inside & an attack from the outside. He said & Mr. Silver said the Filipinos expect to make an attack both inside & outside of Cavite & Manila tomorrow simultaneously. Whether hostilities commence tomorrow or not, it seems nothing can avert war now.

I purchased some shells for my collection.

Had a talk with “General” Tarnsley. He was formerly Adjutant General of Colorado. Also had a talk with Mr. Chamberlain. Returned to Manila on this 2.30p.m. ferry boat. In Cavite Mr. W.B. Silver treated me to dinner free in his restaurant.

Spoke to several men about salvation personally. This was a cloudy windy day with light driving rain on the bay at times.

Crossing the bay I saw anchored close in shore between the land and the fish fences out in the bay, the monitor “Monadnock”. She lies just off Malate. Her guns are said to cover the Filipino trenches – erstwhile American trenches before the fall of Manila. The “Concord” is watching the northern suburbs skirting the bay. The rumor is also afloat in Manila that the Filipinos will attack tomorrow. Yesterday they made a demonstration in force on the picket line of the Montana sergeant with Penn. A native rushed on an American sergeant with an upraised knife. Consequence he was shot.

Took supper with Rev. & Mrs. Owens, – Comrades came in & an informal meeting was held. Present 7. Visitors during the day 9. Moved my bed into my dining room. Comrades brought me in money. Berry drew $10 personal funds.

A Spanish family-neighbors moved into the walled city this afternoon. The scare continues —