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Friday, January 27th, 1899

its a beautifull day and every thing is quiet verry few Arrest are made the prisoners are all engaged to make Bamboo Beds for the Soldier and we cant get no more things made by them the Tennesy Boys are still having charge of the Penitentury and Jail. we goe through regular drills Morning and Evening we have had fresh Meat every day this week we have 7 Men on Guard and 11 out on Outpost just befor we goe to Bed we have a mesi Shower no Report from Hospital we have 5 on the Sick List in our Quarters

It’s a beautiful day and everything is quiet. Very few arrests are made. The prisoners are all engaged to make bamboo beds for the soldiers and we can’t get any more things made by them. The Tennessee boys still have charge of the penitentiary and jail. We go through regular drills morning and evening. We have had fresh meat every day this week. We have seven men on guard and eleven out on outpost. Just before we go to bed we have a messy shower. No report from the hospital. We have five on the sick list.