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Tuesday 1-31-99

Serg’t Coombs whispered in my ear at 2.30 a.m. “Welchen, get up & put on your fightin’ clothes.” Fell in the battalion until six a.m. Several heavy guns boomed on the line at b.h. 11 –fell out at 8 fell in for monthly muster inspection. Col. did not come until 11.30. Aguinaldo says “No more U.S. soldiers can land here.” And a morning attack was going to be made –but fell thro’. What a reception he would have received. He has taken the field in person. Wish he would fight. Wrote letters nearly all day. Down to La Escolta in p.m. Came home via Ponte [Puente] Espana y Commilles [Marqués de Comillas] in time for supper.