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Feb. 3, 1899

Nothing out of ordinary happened today. In evening Carr, Frank Holbart & I played billiards. James during day played Shorty 3 games chess Holbart [won or lost] in every game James [Then] in evening about 9 we were all [done for] today [and] we walked out [to] Whalleys when we heard the call to arms played at California quarters just across the river.

We started to quarters notifying the boys we saw. Just a few minutes after our arrival the boys came from the circus & told us they had heard firing in the outposts. Some [Soon] we could hear the firing it was general although the [in our] bones we were just ready to go. Slept with clothes on. I was Corporal of Guard. Firing continued all night. Several shots coming very near in the Buttels were found in the morning. In early morning Dewey opened on woods with some of his guns. Cannot yet tell results but believe found all that can be learned [that] the insurgents were driven back all along the line. We went [and] lost some men. Dont [Don’t] know how many. There has been no general uprising in town but wounded men returning from front & policeman & others etc. have been set upon by 8 to 10 natives, 7 in several instances badly wounded or killed. The beets in position as now being cause as to prevent this. One of own sentries was shot at. It came from river probably from Ciscos attack the [we] are learning something about fighting. With proposal, [we] fire across, which they did not before know if we have call. Question as to final outcome but we may have some severe fighting. Tomorrow we will know something of todays fighting.