Sunday 2-19-99

Last night they attacked and after a half hour’s fight they took it for it was vacated. Then the Scott’s battery soon had it afire. Fight on our close lft. was steady, only part of Co. D in it. 5th day’s fight. We did not observe today very much for we fought all day. The sharpshooter’s were closer & they were massing in great num’s. across the river on lft. flk. Towards night they began to signal with red & green lights. There were fully 1000 on our left. flk. & front. The boat was not there and we felt uneasy. Early their high, clear bugle sounded: 1·35/1·35/1·35·31 and a fl’k volley raked us, and all night Co. G was at it, & part of Co. D. We were ready, but only fired a few volleys. After every attack they would mock us. In the morning the battery drove them out. Chap. Thompson died. Six Day’s fight.

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