Monday 2-20-99

Resting in a.m. The Filips are gone but we can hear their bugles ring in the hills. S. Shooters are close but smokeless powder makes it hard to locate them. Very hot. Late in p.m. they got so hot that Co’s K & L & 2 Cal Co’s made an advance. Fighting was heavy. Co. D called out for support. They were cleared out & we buried about 20 who died at the stone bridge and this side of church. Took about 10 prisoners and lost 2 killed –Cal. had 4 wounded.

They have fine trenches and all thro’ the woods & in the road. I saw a wounded man (shot in the ankle) who afterwards killed by some soldier. He had on a “charm shirt” supposed to keep him from harm. Then our scouts discovered two cascos sunk in the river 1½ mi up which I reported to Gen. King. We drove them back to big cut in river road 1 mil. This church is the strongest one I have seen. I saw many ins. there, but we did not bury them. One was an officer.

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