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March 1-99

On guard from 4 to 6 a.m. Cool –could not move on acct. of s[harp].s[hooters]. Gen. Wheaton came along early and at 9.15 came the order “prepare to attack.” The 6th Art. in the church yard on the rt. opened up with a terrible fire, point being 800 yds in our front, giving a cross fire on them. Gunboat on left took ’em on their rt. flk., advancing along river to even with ruins of Iglasia [Iglesia] de Guad[alupe].G & D opened on woods between these two points. The rebs stood well, but the gats & cannons, & the 600 yds Springfields drove them out, & their loss must have been heavy. Fight lasted until 11 a.m. –and while the Filip sharpshooters are busy again. I can not hear the bugle –bells– whistles –yells &c which I heard at 5 a.m. at the church but away up toward Pasig they are reforming for once in a while a few notes come on a favoring breath of air –“when the wind down the river is fair” A Corp of C. Co was shot in shoulder. Very hot how. On early watch this morn I was strangely lonesome. Came to me all of a sudden.