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Friday, Mar. 3d, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Weather quite cool for this quarter of the earth. Perhaps the natives regard it is quite cold –mucha frio. The “Times” states that the suffering Filipino soldiers are building roaring fires at night to keep the chill out of their blood.

In town, business after a week or ten days stagnation, is starting up again & we see or hear no signs of war, but the grim specter is not yet laid. Fighting goes on day & night by spells –skirmishes– & men are getting killed & wounded on both sides. When reinforcements arrive the long dreary weeks of skirmishing shall end, but alas it is probable that many –perhaps hundreds, yea thousands who are alive tonight will be dead when the forces meet to settle by a death struggle the present differences.

May the God of battles direct the issue, Amen.

as usual Bible reading & prayer started the day. Cooked breakfast & supper, washed the dishes & satisfied hunger at noon with bread, jelly and lemonade.

Wrote & copied 2 letters (1) 17th weekly letter to Lt-Col. Alice Lewis New York (2) Chas Fletcher No. 2 Equitable Building, Boston, Mass.

Visitors none.

Called at the post office & rec’d several papers.

During the day commenced another War Cry article for the S.F. Cry. Wrote 8 pages note size Ms. This is to save time later on when I may be busier than I am now.

While on the Escolta purchased some shells from a Filipino woman, chiefly land shells to fill out my collection.

I heard today that 200 Americans or thereabouts are down with the small pox. Seems to be spreading. Thought I saw a Filipino man on the Escolta this afternoon with a light attack of varioloid & small pox. Natives regard this dread disease lightly.