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Thursday, March 23, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cloudy and cool –the weather. Rumors and significant preparations point to an advance tomorrow. One rumor says Aguinaldo proposes to surrender. We shall see. The 1600 & odd men are landing from the transport “Sherman”. –News just in details a sharp fight near Iloilo March 16th. It is alleged that 500 natives were killed.

Consul Williams is championing the discharged American crew of the transport “Indiana”, & the men are boarding at the English hotel at $4. a day. The “Indiana” it seems is a private property leased to the U.S. Gov’t,

Cooked breakfast & washed dishes after Bible reading & prayer. Gave 3 or 4 hours to reading the old anonymous history of Texas. Is an oddly written pamphlet but withal interesting to me. I was glad to welcome once more to No. 2 Private George Bertrand of Co. H. 1st South Dakota Vol. Inf. We had a long talk about war matters in general & spiritual matters in particular. Closed with prayer before he returned to his quarters. Bro. Betrand gave me $3.75 U.S. silver –principally his Tenth League payment. Praise God. It does my heart good to meet Salvationists who are remaining true to Christ in spite of the blood & savagery of war.

I took dinner with Rev. & Mrs. Owens. We indulged in the luxury of boiled fresh beef & soup from the same.

Soon after dinner an United States orderly called & delivered me an official envelope for which I receipted. The letter was in answer to my letter of application made to the Governor-General yesterday asking for a pass thro’ the lines. Major-General Otis kindly granted my wish & promptly delivered the pass by special messenger. The document reads as follows:

“Office of the United States Military Governor in the Philippine Islands.

Manila, P.I. March 23d 1899.


Pass Mr. John Milsaps of the Salvation Army within the lines of the United States troops.

By Command of Major General Otis.

C.M. Murray

Major & Inspector General, U.S.V.

L.R. 651.                     Secretary.”

I feel thankful to to God for this pass. Have prayed to the Lord about it several times. I am desirous of going to the front. Went down to the Escolta after receiving the pass & purchased from a Chinese a pair of high top shoes ($3. Mex) as I expect to do considerable rough walking.

About supper time Bro. Schumerhorn called. I cooked supper for the 2 of us. Conversation and prayert. Rev. Owens joining.