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Friday, March 31st, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Good Friday. Looks like Sunday in Manila. All the stores are closed in the Escolta. Religious holidays cut quite an important figure in this country.

I remained at home all day until after 4 p.m. Put in time writing on my War Cry article. Do not feel much like writing because my wrist hurts me.

Brother Devine of K. Battery 3d Artillery called, as did a member of Utah artillery who before he was wounded in battle delivered the “American” to me. I engaged to take same back numbers of “Freedom” of him. He is out of hospital now. Kept my promise & paid him $1.50 for the same.

Heavy clouds and shower again today; weather warm.

News came in that the Filipinos evacuated Malolos & it was captured today by the Americans at 10.15 a.m.

Rev. Owens & I called at the post office. A letter came to me from the Comrade Tom Conlin of 1139 Market St., San Francisco (Headquarter) who inquired re one Arthur McDuffie one of his wife’s cousins. McDuffie was reported killed; they wanted to know if the report is true. From the post office O & I walked down to Pasig quay where the Dagupan train stops to see the car came in from Malolos & learn the news. There I met Private Hugh P. Hallett of the Hospital Corps, who is on the same detachment with McDuffie; thro’ H I learned that McD is O.K. Hallett also informed me that Major (Doctor) Owens of the Convalescent Hospital at Corregidor Is. who is is so opposed to religious worker visiting his patients is under orders for the United States. Thank God. This man was or is rabid-up to my last knowledge of him.

Down on the wharf I met another man – an acquaintance of 12 years standing, who knew me when I was at San Francisco. No. 1 Salvation Army corps. – Mr. Wm Richards, Third Officer of the U.S. Transport “Sherman” now in port. Inquired if he is making such a record for Jesus that he will be a candidate for promotion in the next life. No. Richards said he expected same such question of me.

Spoke to several men to today about Christ & His salvation personally. My desire is to make every single day tell for Jesus, hence a restless, uneasy feeling takes possession of me if a day slips by without something practical being done for my Savior.

Bible reading this morning Exodus, Ephesians & Philippians, prayer. My God is precious to me & is good to me for beyond my deservings, praise to His dear name.

Cooked breakfast & supper. Cold dinner. My meals are very frugal.

Wrote & copied a letter tonight to Tom Conlin, re McDuffie.

I heard cannonading at Mariquina this forenoon. Report says the natives attacked our troops at the waterworks. Since the left wing of the Filipino army has been forced back we do not hear so much firing anymore as we did previous to the advance of our troops.

The American troops are fond of giving nicknames to the enemy: they call the Filipinos “goo-goos’. “cacayacs” and “nigger”. The last name is the one most used.