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Saturday, April 1st, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

We are now tackling another month. Time flies fast. Since my disembarkation on the Philippines have been kept very busy. Started the day with Bible reading, Exodus and Psalms, then prayer; next breakfast & cleaning up. Gave myself to writing & added 8 pages more MS to my narrative of Philippine experiences for the War Cry.

Private Clayton Scott, mounted quartermaster’s orderly rode around to my domicile. A spiritual talk was a feature of the call which ended with prayer. His brother Alfred is going home. Is in a spiritual condition – unsatisfactory Clayton cannot assist me tomorrow; is kept too busy.

The Utah Light artilleryman who brought me back numbers of the “Freedom” yesterday brought me the remainder today which gives me a complete set with the exception of No. 4 edition. Re American soldier publications issued since the occupation of Manila by the American, I have full sets excepting a few missing copies of “American” (daily) “American Soldier”, (weekly) “Times”, (daily) “Uncle Sam & New Orient”, “Freedom”, “Soldiers Letter”. Have also almost a set of “La Independencia” (Aguinaldo’s official organ) & many copies of “La Republica Filipino” & other prints.

Called at the post office this afternoon & purchased supplies for my table from a Filipino girl & a Spanish firm. During the day dealt with several men about their souls salvation – one of them a 23d Infantry (regular) soldier. Been on a drunk long time; wants to change for the better; showed him where I reside, had to go on guard; promised to call & make a start for a better life tomorrow at 3 p.m. God grant it.

Rev. & Mrs. Owens accompanied Capt. & Miss Morrison of Plainfield N. Jersey, out on Manila Bay. They expect to remain on a ship overnight. The Owens are dissatisfied & want to return to Washington state as soon as they can get their fare. They think their advent premature on the Philippine Islands. Their fare out & support have cost probably all of $1,000 U.S. coin, and the end is not yet.

I read a translation today from “La Republica Filipina” printed since hostilities commenced. According to that trustworthy paper the Americans & having a terrible time of it; they couldn’t last much longer the way the Filipino terrors are handling them.