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Monday, Apr. 3d, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

The war situation today greatly relaxed. That is the tension. Tonight our neighborhood resounds with vocal and instrumental music, and laughter – English and Spanish. Everybody seems to be happy. The embryo brass band of the Utah Light Artillery that has been at the front since the outbreak, returned with the expectation of going out no more. It is rumored about town that Aguinaldo has made overtures of peace, but the “Times” of this evening says nothing about peace, but whatever is the cause there appears to be a break in the clouds of war, thank God.

Rev. & Mrs. Owens returned today after being absent since Saturday.

I received 2 letters (1) Wm Eletson, Flagship “Olympia”. Is praying for me & the comrades at the front. Expects to go with his vessel to HongKong this month. (2) Ensign Maj Jackson, Kowloon near HongKong China. Has been sick again, & passed thro’ the greatest trial of her life. Cannot study Chinese, because of sickness. Brother Glidden of the s.s. “Coptic” called to see her, also Private Spankie of the Idaho Vol. Inf. The latter is going home to California. Is unsaved. He reported to Jackson that I am doing a good work here: to God be the glory, amen. Jackson felt greatly tempted to return home. Acknowledged the $10 Mex. I sent her some time ago. Also said Lt.-Col. Wm Evans of San Francisco wrote her a letter asking that she make arrangement for the publishing of the San Francisco Chinese War Cry in Hongkong. Thinks arrangements have about been perfected to do so. I was sorry to learn thro’ the letter that a lawsuit has been decided against Brother Geo. Montgomery that will sadly cripple him financially. She asks me to pray for him. Will do so. Is a grand man.

Wrote & copied 3 letters (1) Lt.-Col. Wm Evans containing my narrative – 16 pages Ms. of Philippine experiences. (2) Answer to Wm Eletson (3) Answer to Ensign Jackson. I went to the post office & mailed Evans‘ letter which caught the U.S. mail via Nagasaki, on the transport “Sherman”.

Chaplain Stephenson called today to see the Owens’ while they were absent. He & I had conversation re war & other topics.

The private of the 23d U.S. Infantry who wanted my prayers did not call as per his promise.

Read some today re libraries in Encyclopedia Britannica, also an article by Villiers re the Japanese massacre in Port Arthur, China.

Cut out some clippings from the Houston Texas “Post”. Bible reading & prayer this morning. Cooked breakfast and supper. Cold dinner.