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Wednesday, April 12th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Added one more page to Major Pebbles’ letter; making 10. Private Hines called again. He likes this place (No. 2) better than his quarters. Told him to be at home. Stayed some hours. Prayed before he left. Gave him Pebbles’ letter to mail for me.

I heard two or three shots tonight. One of the Utah men across the street said trouble is expected tonight.

Chaplain Mailie of the Nebraska volunteers dropped in to see Rev. Owens. From Lieut–Col. Pope he secured an order for free transportation to the United States for Owens & wife. Mailie shook hands with me. Seemed to have forgotten the little unpleasantness between us re the meeting I held at Sta. Mesa. I heard Mailie say this forenoon that he recently killed with a gun one “nigger” at 1100 yards distance, wounded another in the left leg and captured a third. Said the latter begged for his life.

About 3 o’clock Rev. Owens & I went to town. Got shaved in a Spanish barber shop.

At the port office I received quite a supply of periodicals. Canadian War Cry (Mar 4th) contains 2 letters re my meetings. One from Berry the other from Lloyd. Another Toronto paper the “Onward” published my Philippine article which appeared in the Toronto Xmas Cry.

I did some reading today. Time goes very fast.

From Bro. Armstrong, Spain – from Madrid came 50 copies of “El Amigo de la Infancia” Año XXVI, No. 298, March 1st 1899 –

Feel tired and sleepy.

The days are dry, nights cool. Am glad the rains are not troubling our troops.

My health is good, praise God. He keeps my soul well too. Bible reading & prayer this morning.