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Thursday, April 13th , 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Mr. George F. Conway, superintendent of the military stations of the U.S. post office department on the Philippines, gave me a lot of cancelled Philippine postage stamps. At the same time I received 50 copies of “El Evangelista”, March 1899. Spanish from Barcelona & the daily “American”. Purchased a shell for my collection. Keep an eye on the look out for new forms and varieties of which there are many.

Private D. G. Hines came in the forenoon & passed the day at No. 2 with the sanction of his regimental physician. He paid me $15.30 U.S. coin, $3 for himself Tenth League, $4.30, for himself & Albert Lloyd for Kodak pictures taken by me, $5. Tenth League payment for Albert Lloyd, & $3 for Dave Freeman – Tenth League. Gave him receipts. Hines & I took dinner with Rev. & Mrs. Owens by their invitation. A real American dinner is a luxury to me because there is so much sameness to my meals. May God bless our entertainers.

Mrs. Owens brought the news that thro’ Mrs. D. Kellogg, she learned that the Filipinos have planned another uprising in Manila next Saturday night.

When Hines was ready to return to his quarters in the evening we prayed together before he departed.

Started another article for the San Francisco War Cry. Only wrote 2 pages & a paragraph, because of being bothered.

Posted personnel clippings in my Scrap book kept for that purpose. In the Manila Directory published in today’s “Freedom” appears a notice of my address.

Gave “Muchacho” $2 Mex. $1 extra He leaves for Iloilo tomorrow.

I cooked & cleansed up as usual. Takes much of my time.